Bake-O-Rama –
If you could bake yourself a match-3 game, it would probably be like this!


OK … kind of braggy … but I’m proud of it. It’s the first game I made completely on my own. Perhaps you could guess this fact if you rate the design portion (I’m no designer)? But technically it’s on the edge, I think. It has everything other sweetish match-3 games have plus even more. There are plenty of copy cats out there and you could ask yourself if the world is in need of yet another one. But hey … try it! It’s different! I swear!


True cross platform

Bake-O-Rama is developed with one single code base for all different platforms. Currently it runs on:

  • Web,
  • Facebook,
  • Android and
  • iOS

If needed, adding other platforms is easy :)

The app is completely responsive and works in portrait or landscape mode. Images are highly optimized for the specific device resolution. Although playing offline or unconnected to facebook is possible, you’ll view its full abilities if you connect the app with facebook. Then you can even synchronize your progress across all your devices.

app-facebookGet it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

Give it a try! Select your platform!


Bake-O-Rama is a classic match-three game. Try to put three or more gems of the same type in a row or column to remove them. Playing isn’t restricted to lives – you use coins here to play several levels. More challenging levels require a little bit more coins than easier ones. You have training levels that don’t cost a single coin.


Level types and level targets

Not every level in Bake-o-Rama is the same. Simply put, you can divide levels in their type and their target. There are two types of levels: Move levels and Time levels. Move levels have a limited amount of moves you can make. In Time levels, you guess it, time is the limit. If you win or loose a level depends on its target. There are three types of targets in Bake-O-Rama: Score, Collect and Clean.

  • To win a Score level you need to reach a specific score.
  • To win a Collect level you need to remove at least the amount of gems that are specified. Needed gems have a counter in their upper right corner. The counter describes how much gems are collected if you remove them.
  • If you want to win a Clean level you need to remove all the flour on the board. You remove the flour on a field if you make a match on it.



If you make a match of more than three gems at once you get a special. What kind of special you get depends on the level target. In Collect levels your special will increase the counter of all gems hit. In Score and Clean levels you will get a special gem that can help you to destroy more gems at once.

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